Sunday, September 20, 2009

ITS 4.00 AM

This post would not be funny
I believe I have an addiction to certain things.People do drugs,weed , and drink .I dont do any , people think that its weird.The thing is I wish I did ,because at least I would know why or what is kILLINg me.
A lot of people dont know this, but I have emphysema.Its a respiratory disease , a bit like asthma .I dunt breathe easily . I always feel like am dying but it rarely reaches that stage.I have a worse disease known as SCD.Stupidty Causes Death.The first time I knew I had this , I was sneezing profusely.I actually thought it was swine flu, but I guess they are closely related.It is caused when ur very near stupidity .
Anyway,I believe minus this two diseases, I am very normal.Normal as any normal person should be.The thing is , I am addicted to stupid things. I do not sleep at night .I feel so scared of sleeping sometimes . It even scares me more when am awake . I normally sleep when the day breaks,like I feel so devilish.I am also addicted to coke.Omg, I drink so much of it , there was a time my piss was actually cokey or black or watever.
I belive i am just saying crap, being that its about 307 am.I am awake doing absolutely nothing. Like , how can a human being be so jobless at such a time.Some people were born useless but i know I wasnt .I believe I have been affected with this SCD syndrome.It aint my fault doe being that there are too many stupid people in the world, and it is a shame when all the stupid people do not know they are stupid.This world is actually daft in retrospect ,we all blame people for things n yet we mite be the thing or subject we are blaming.
Like that joke, one guy from Holland comes to Nigeria , n asks sum random dude , is it true Nigerians answer questions with questions?The Nigerian says ,ahan who told u dat?
lol, I swear thats the funniest shit av heard in a while.Ok thats a lie ,but why do people always categorize.Everyone would be like Nigerian people r daft when they are Nigerian.It does not connect.yes and the funniest shit av seen on the internet,

lol, if u do not laugh , then your hard.
It is so funny . People actually read this blog just to laugh.Its like am some kinda comedian.I actually think am just typing shit.I am so sorry ,like I apologize before this blog is read.I am actually a very spaztic person.I just drift my mind flies away.I am really writing trash.I apologize not for my typos ,i really dnt give a shit about them, but about the topics. Its not my fault,anyway , yes ,I feel so sad right now.I just came back from seeing like the most important person in this world.One of the only babes who thinks am fine the way I am.Isnt it funny , the way our moms tell us were the cutest things ever.Then later in life , you now realize they have been lying to u I call it a mothers lie.
Yes that brings me to a topic , lies .Like there are different kinds of lies:
This is a very psychological kind of lie.It sticks in your head till you die.But mommy said this.You know when your young , and you bring a question about your homework to your mom , and then she answers .You get your homework back and its wrong , and shes like they made a mistake but ur just too daft to know.Or how every mother tells their child , your so handsome.This singular statement elevates u and ur ego to another level .Things begin to seem realistic when that girl in ur primary one runs away when u tell her u like her .
This kind of lies are the lies boys use on girls.You know they sugercoat everything , and the babes ears just lick it all up.What makes me laugh , is the way the lie is so sweet but the truth is so bitter.Girls basically like lies.A girl can be like ,am i fat?u wud be like yea , n she would spark , but if u say no , she wud be like tell me the truth joor.
You just have to do u just have to . A babe telling a guy , sorry i have a bf.Or when u just have to lie.
Still trying to make sense out of this.

Ok so I have basically chatted shit for about 20 minutes and stuff.I think I should sleep.
N btw , one of my friends is going to be writing one of her scripts everytime I post a blog , like she got an A+ in her english class and its based on my life.Her teacher said he would send it to a local film group , like thats how good it is.
Yea , so am out


  1. are weird. But I think I like you.

  2. welcome back D :)
    and you have some tiny tiny issues boo lol

  3. loooooooool.............wierd blog....but iLike it!!!

  4. DONAT!!! ahhh i missed ur oh so RANDOM blog!! lool!!
    love yah!! :)

  5. Hahahahahahaha

    This is SOOOOO random!

    but i like it tho :)

  6. Lol crazy child, u really need to get more sleep!

  7. yay!! u're back! am not even goin 2 say i missed ur blog coz am still sparkin 4 d fact dat u left in d first u better beg me.

  8. lol!
    tooooo jokess! :D

  9. LOL. I like this much. You're kinda normal in a funny way, you know the way they say beauty is imperfection, your weird syndromes are your beauty (or perfection or something, ah I dunno) but yeah.

    I like the lies bit, soo true.

  10. One a serious not need to go catch some sleep. You are positively ranting
    cool though